Full Name : Preity Zinta

Profession : Actress

Star Sign : Aquarius

D.O.B : 31st Jan 1975

Height : 5’5

Weight : 52kgs

Home Address : C/10A, Ranwar, Waroda Rd, Off. Hill Rd, Bandra (W) Mumbai 400 050 [ please note: preity no longer lives at the above address. This is the only address of preity on record at the moment ]

Know For : Her Gorgeous Smile

Debut Film : Dil Se

First Hit Film : Soldier

Awards : Film Fare Best Debut for Dil Se & Soldier, 2004 – Best Actress for Kal Ho Na Ho at Film Fare Awards, Zee Awards & IIFA awards Singapore, 2005 – Best Actress Stardust Awards & BBC film cafe Best Actress award for Veer-Zaara.

Most memorable moment to date : I think when I got a slap on my bottom when I was born. Awareness, ‘I’ve arrived’!

Ambition : “I want to bring a change and do something new and different in my profession, but in the beginning I’ll have to toe line, I want to be known as a performer not a star.”

Plus Point : “I am easy to work with and get along well with almost everybody.”

Minus Point : “My Hindi direction is screwed up, I blink too much and I have no technical knowledge of film making.”

Colour which defines me : “Electric blue – it’s so energising.”

Fav Curse Word : “Shit”

Most Often Used Word : “I am versatile. I don’t repeat myself.”

As an Actress : “I want to be like Sridevi & I want to do both glamorous and non-glamorous roles like Manisha Koirala, I don’t want to called just a pretty bimbo.”

Love Life : “I am single and desperately looking for a good man in my life. I did have major crushes when I was younger but no serious relationship.” [ Preity is currently dating Ness Wadia ]

Idols : “Guru Dutt, Madhubala, Waheeda Rehman and Sridevi.’

I came on Earth as : “A love child.”.

I get turned on by : Raw Emotion

I Dig : Ice-Creams

I Confess : I’m not perfect

I want to possess : A Villa in the South of France.

I maintain myself by : Do you think I’m maintained?

I’m the biggest fan of : Al Pacino

What fascinates me : Nature

My relationship with God : He’s on my team

Favourite perfume : Envy, Gucci for Men

Favourite commercial : Lee Cooper Jeans.

Favourite outfit : String pyjamas.

School was : A beautiful Memory

My craziest fan : I dont know yet

Most memorable holiday : I’ve taken tons of holidays and they’ve all been memorable. Australia, Hawaii and Europe are my favourites.

Favourite dish : My all-time favourite is kadi-chawal.

Best place to eat : My mum’s kitchen.

Last words before sleep : Goodnight

My complete man should be : A Raymond man

I’d like to wake up : In the Afternoon

ON SCHOOL… : “I studied at the Jesus and Mary Simla Convent School, and then I went to St Bedes College. I was always involved in elocutions, dramatics, debates, basketball, which I loved. I had so much fun. We did the craziest things.

ON WHAT SHE WANTED TO BE… : Whenever I came across something that influenced me, I wanted to be that. So it varied from an astronaut, airhostess, army girl, to truck driver. Once, I wanted to be a nun – my mother wanted me to change schools after that…

ON STARDOM OVER TALENT… : Being a star is fabulous, but if you’re a good actress and a star, it’s a different thing altogether. It’s good acting that will stand out, rather than just star appeal. I want to be both – a good actress and a star..

ON HER FIRST ENCOUNTERS WITH BOLLYWOOD : Shekhar Kapur’s Tara Rum Pam Pam was the first film I signed. I met him and he asked me to audition. At that point, I wasn’t sure, so I said I didn’t really want to audition. But I did, and two weeks later, he called me and asked me to do the movie..

ON HOW THINGS TOOK OFF FROM THERE…: Then came Kya Kehna, actually I did a screen test for that with Akshaye Khanna. Then came Dil Se and Farz; Sangharsh came somewhere in the middle.

ON HAVING DIMPLES AND BEING CONSIDERED A NATURAL FLIRT…: Well, I didn’t know all dimpled girls are natural flirts – I think I am a flirt if I like some one. Of course I am a flirt. Flirting is very healthy, for everybody, for your self-boost. It’s good for your ego, for the other person’s ego… But I also think it’s the woman’s prerogative to draw the line. So luckily, the ball is in my court, which I’m quite happy about. It’s a state of mind, when you’re happy you smile more. My whole family has dimples – my father did, my mom has a cleft.

ON SHOPPING…: Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! I’ve always been a shoe person – I love clothes and bags and belts, but shoes, I’ll die for. I love to buy shoes all the time!

ON FITNESS…: I used to be into fitness! In fact, I was really fit, but then during Sangharsh, I broke my leg and was bedridden for six weeks. All I could do was sit with my leg in plaster, and watch movies. Every movie I saw I wrote down on my plaster, so by the end of the six weeks, the plaster was full of movie titles. And I ate like a pig – just ate and ate and ate, watching three movies a day. I put on a lot of weight, after which I was shooting non-stop. Then I saw myself on screen and had a heart attack!

ON A COMING-OF-AGE EXPERIENCE…: I lost my father when I was 13-years-old. He was a great man, my father, and very intelligent. I love him very much. I believe it’s very important that parents have a personal connection with their children. It helps kids feel more secure, have a feeling of family, makes them feel loved.

MY IDEA OF SEX APPEAL…: I think sex appeal is defined today as more trashy than it actually is. With all these cheesy videos coming out, these women trying to be sexy, it’s disgusting. Sex appeal is intelligence, it’s the way you look at someone, it’s always more subtle. Sex appeal is not loud, trash is. You don’t have to drop half your clothes to be sexy. Sometimes just the way you look at someone, the way you touch that person, that’s sexy.

ONE FANTASY THAT STILL HAS TO COME TRUE…: I always keep imagining things. At one point I seriously wanted to be Prime Minister of the country. Recently, I wanted to play Trinity in The Matrix.

THINGS I FIND MOST ATTRACTIVE IN A MAN…: A couple of things-intelligence, self-esteem; I like men who are sure of themselves and not just weathercocks and most importantly, integrity. Common sense and humour also help.

IF I COULD BE REBORN AS SOMEONE ELSE…: I reckon, Madonna. It’s no point saying Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi or Nutan because those spots are already taken by all the Miss Indias!

LOVE, MONEY, SEX or POWER…: Love is most important. Least important would be power because if you have money, you automatically have power. Sex is also important because I’m a normal person.


25 Responses to “Preity’s Profile and FAQ’s on Preity”

  1. sara said

    iiiiiiiii loovee u preity zinta u r my life !!

  2. Ash said

    Preity u r the besssssst actress in the whole world, i love u!!!! those bitches rani and aishwarya r nothing compared to u. take care and best of luck.

  3. nitin said

    preity i wanna have sex with u. pls come to me so that i can fuck u. by the way r u virgin.

  4. rahul said

    preity whats yr phone no????? mere sath ishq laraogey…mein ness se achha hoon aur rich bhi. woh ness toh bilkul ugly hai. mein bahot handsome aur sexy bhi hoon. tume khush rakong ka. mere jaan ao na mere paas.

  5. RAFAH said

    DE-de ipost a letter on your address of mumbai house please take it from hereread it for one time and tell me are you rekognize me on my mobile 0092-0321-4863867 i am, from pakistan the country coad is [0092] & one thing take in your mind I AM NOT YOUR FAN IAM YOUR YOUNGER BROTHER [ya aik big ashara hay] ok take care by by IIIIIIII LLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE YOU DE-de

  6. Kuldeep said

    I love u babe i can only say you that i love you 4m d bottom of my heart. May u get success in ur life and may someday we meet ha ha ha i know thats not possible but still i’ll wait love u take care

  7. fazel said

    hi preity

    you are my dearest person or i wont say my love list person.

    indeed you are my life and my all person and my hobes and all things….?

    I all time or we can say all day or all houre i thought you belive meeee. ?

    more people ask me what intention do you have sure i answered them i have one wish chat with (preityzinta) after there laughed me ha ha ha ha because they are said you are joking and you well can not meet her i wont with you answer me ok… i wait you

  8. Sankalp said

    Hi Preity,

    What i can say is that I LOVE U.

    There r Many Of Those who say that i am mad.

    Actully i feel jelouse of NESS Wadiya as u know

    I wana be u’r freind online
    I know that it is a dream but want u to make it true
    so please send me ur id only if u wish

    Bye May Your life full of Blessings of god
    And Happiness may not leave u’r world

  9. in the begining i havent any thing expect that i love u ,i have more talking with u i hope see u soon , i always i miss u night and day .i saw u just in ur movies ,then my heart was full of ur love ,really i ‘d like three things a bout ur self first one is ur face then ur laugh and ur move, preity belive me i love u ur r always in my heart , so belive mei’ll help u if u ‘ll be come to my country is iraq in kurdistan .most of time in my life i tried to find ur email, and chatting with my love ,but unforchently i couldnt find it .plz 4 give my errs and mistakes .my darling have a nice life good lock . [[preityzintafsh.blogfa.com

    [for my dearest person]

    [I LOVE YOU]

  10. hillay said

    my name is hillay and i am 13 Years old
    (I am a girl)
    I very like you in the film VEER ZAARA and the film kya kehna.I born in Afghanistan but I live in the Netherlands,and I am a wonderful girl.
    I very love you preity!!!!!!!!!1
    love hillay

  11. afsana said

    hi preity

    i luv you so much
    iam one of your biggest
    got all your flim
    your dream man should be abhisheck bachan he dump ash and go with you
    you make such a nice couple also your the only two who get on really well

    p.s from afsana No1 fan

  12. don said

    hi pz
    no1 fan

  13. sonali said

    Heyy preity
    oh my gosh i’d die if you just read this letter. Anywaz i live in Australia and am a really big fan of u. Whan i grow up i wanna be an actress just like you. u have alwaz been my fav actress. I wanna gi to mumbai but no luck there untill dad says so. Could you write to me. I think your dimples are the best since i’ve got dimples too.( i think urs r btr). Could you plz tell me ur email address? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss.How do you say so fit. u see i’m not fit even though i do so much sport and dancing.
    Lots of love from a 12 year old girl fan
    sonali sahni

  14. www said

    hi priety you are the best
    wil you come in my life
    your boobs are so goodi wanna sex with you

  15. sundas said

    DEAR pretty:
    hi,i think k mujhse ziada appko koi b pasand nai krta ho gaa and na hi kr sakta hai.nd by the way thoz guys who wanna sex with pretty behave ur selves.appko kissi ki respect krni b ati hai ya nahi.pretty app in k baton ka bura na maniyay gaa they all r donkeys.well pretty mri life main app k liay jagah hi jagah hai app mri life main her jagah fit hoti hain as a sister , friend and best actress .main app ki bht bri fan hun.or mra cute sa little baby boy b hai or wo b appka fan ho gaa dekhna.agar app mjay apna email adress day dain plz to main to bus khushi se pagal ho jaun gee.app apne liay jiss ko b chuz krain wo lucky ho gaa .app her kissi k sath fit ayengee.kiun k diamond jahan bhi ho shine krta hai.ok.plz give me ur id.

  16. TARUN said

    i am a great fan of her and i want to know her address because i want to send her a letter

  17. ASISH said


  18. sonakshi said

    i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv…..u

  19. nitesh said

    i want to fuck preity fuddi
    because i have a big lun for her pbly bigger than ness.

  20. M. Salahuddin khan said

    hope u will be fine, this is M.Salahuddin khan from paksitan i am big fan of you, i like to talk with you and want to meet you solo, plz i wish you to send me ur number that we talk to each others, i will wait for ur reply as soon as posible to send it.
    thanking you
    your obedently
    M.Salahuddin khan

  21. hi preety how r u . im u r fan i think in whole world im the best fan of u . my name is najeeb khan om from pakistan i like u r dimple . u r so so so Cute . Kiya muje Say Dosti Karo Gi plz plz plz plz. Love U fOr EvEr

  22. waleed said

    hi preity,
    i like you so much,you are so sweet .
    i watched all you movies ,all of them perfect beauty,so i hope a long life for you ,to enjoy with your movies forever preita,
    bye sweetie preita
    gizeh,cairo ,egypt

  23. Deepak said

    Truly pretty.

  24. P.m.suhaib said

    Hi bb me app ka fan ho ples call me

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